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The Sport Psychology text is written by John M. Hogg, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

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This course is containing the essential knowledge for the massage therapist, who work, or would like to work with athletes from grass roots level to the elite, or the physically active general population. Massage Therapists have a special opportunity to be with athletes during treatment sessions in a clinical and on-site environment. Confidentiality is a high priority ethical and health issue that requires professional management within the athlete-coach-therapist triangle for the best interest of the athletes. A valuable special segment of Implications for the massage therapist, at the end of each chapter, contains practical guidance to the therapists.

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The Author

John Hogg Ph.D. has worked both as a professional coach and as an applied sport psychologist. For over 30 years he was a successful swim coach at the club, university, and international levels. John pursued his interests in the field of sport psychology earning a Masters degree (1978) and a Doctoral degree (1982) from the University of Alberta. He made considerable contributions to Swimming Canada’s Education and Sport Science Committees from 1978-1999. His expertise, particularly in the area of mental preparation and performance psychology, merited invitations both as a clinician and as a motivational speaker, to major conferences, seminars, and congresses all over the world. He has authored 7 books, contributed several book chapters, and published extensively in both research and popular journals.

John is now retired from the University of Alberta where he was a professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation for 22 years where he taught courses in sport psychology and performance enhancement both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also consulted with teams and individual athletes from a variety of sport disciplines.

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