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The Sport Injuries text is written by Jean Shaw, BSc (Kin) Clinical Supervisor and Anne Hartley, BPHE, D.O.M.P, Professor of Bachelor of Applied Health Degree (Athletic Therapy) at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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This unique continuing education course, part of the International Sport Massage Diploma Program©, is containing the essential knowledge for massage therapists, who work, or would like to work with athletes from gross-roots level to the elite, or the physically active general population. Sport massage is a special area of massage therapy, and integral part of Sport Medicine. Although Massage Therapists are required to have Standard First Aid with CPR training, sometimes they have to deal with various sport injuries.

The objective of this course is to introduce the required specific knowledge of assessment and treatment protocols for the most common conditions and sport injuries to the Massage Therapist, who is working alone or in cooperation with other Health Care providers with a sport team, or with individual athletes during training or competition. The dynamic approach of this textbook will assist Sports Massage Therapists with the safe and efficient assessment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
Summaries, self-testing questions and references at the end of each Chapter help the students in the understanding of the important concepts.

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion for this course, the registrant must write and pass an exam with a minimum of 75% mark, within 9 months from the date of registration. Suggested study time is 120 hours. For getting CE-credits, registrants need to apply them from their association.

The Author

Jean Shaw, BSc. (Kin), Dip. S.I.M., CAT(C), CK, CSCS is a clinical supervisor at Sheridan College for the Athletic Therapy Program. Working both clinically and in fieldwork, Jean has experience treating athletes from various sports, primarily at the college and university level. She has worked as an Athletic Therapist for both the Pan Am Games and the CPGA. Jean is currently assisting in the development of an on-line learning tool for students in sports injury management. This resource is designed to facilitate the time-intensive process of learning effective taping procedures for sports injuries. Jean is presently enrolled in the Master’s in Rehabilitation Science Program at McMaster University.

Anne Hartley, BPHE, Dip. ATM, CAT(C), D.O.M.P. is a prominent Canadian certified athletic therapist and osteopathic manual practitioner. She is a full time professor in the Bachelor of Applied Health Degree (Athletic Therapy) at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and has lectured extensively in both Canada and the United States (over 100 workshops). The courses she teaches include assessment, rehabilitation, modalities and manual therapy. Anne has published 2 assessment texts called, Practical Joint Assessment Manual, one for the Upper Quadrant and one on the Lower Quadrant of the body. She is also well known for her knowledge and understanding of therapeutic modalities and has also written and produced manuals and charts on ultrasound, transcutaneous nerve stimulation and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. In addition to teaching and writing, Anne maintains an active clinical practice specializing in osteopathic and athletic therapy. She has been part of many Canadian Medical Teams for the Pan Am Games, Olympics, FISU and Paralympic Games

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